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I enjoy helping students develop their own voices, whether they’re just getting started with the basics of writing or need more advanced guidance. I’ve taught in both community and academic settings, where I’ve worked with a wide variety of demographics, including teens, young adults, soldiers, and other teachers. My lesson plans are developed from scratch to meet the needs of the class or lecture, and I am comfortable providing both live instructions and written feedback.

Classes I've Taught

  • Freshman college courses: Composition I & II at Minot State University, Minot Air Force Base, and Minot-area high schools (2014-2016)

  • Graduate-level intensive summer seminar: Co-taught local chapter of National Writing Project at Minot State University (2015)

  • Community lecture: Women in Science Fiction at Mysteryscape Bookstore (2013)

  • 15-week community class: Introduction to Creative Writing at Prospero’s Bookstore (2012)

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